Hit by a Bus

The title of this post is not a joke. Seriously.

Today is Parker’s last day of first grade. Look how much he has changed!

The day started out great. He followed directions and we left the house with plenty of time. I was blown away by how much he has grown physically, developmentally and emotionally.

When we got to school, I pulled in to the drop off line. When we got to the front, he gave me the usual hug and kiss and then hopped out. I closed his door, put the car in drive, checked the mirror and then…

I don’t think I had even hit the gas yet.

I was hit by a bus. Literally.

We were both in each other’s blind spots and the bus was too close to the drop off lane while pulling in to the bus park lane.

After the initial impact, the bus just. kept. going.

It was so loud and felt like it was ripping the front driver, side corner off of my van. The front of my van was completely banged up and the bus knocked the bumper off. In other words, my car is a mess. Amazingly the bus had maybe a three inch scratch and not a dent to be seen.

Parker saw it happen and was understandably upset so his teacher brought him out to see I was ok.

No one was hurt and I managed to hold it together while dealing with the police officer, school transportation authority, tow truck and our insurance.

Then I got home and proceeded to lose my marbles. I was shaking, crying and had trouble catching my breath.

Scott, knowing me as he does, asked me which essential oils I wanted and then kindly got my vetiver and grounding blend.

I know I write and post a lot about essential oils but it is not just to make money. These oils work and can impact your life in a positive, gentle, natural and healthy way.

Within minutes of layering vetiver and the grounding blend on my big toes and wrists, I felt my breath return to normal and my emotions leveled out.

I chose to use these two oils because they work well for me in stressful situations (some of this is trial and error – finding the right oils for your particular concern and body chemistry) and there is science supporting their calming effects.

And here is a link to a video that actually shows what happens to your red blood cells after using grounding blend. It is truly amazing to watch and no wonder I was feeling better after using my oils.

The good news is that no one was hurt today. I am so grateful to have my oils to help me cope in stressful and scary situations. Unfortunately, my van isn’t doing so great and we will know more about that tomorrow – that’s about the only thing I don’t have an oil for!


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