Essential Oils

If you know me, you know that I love finding new ways to improve my family’s life and when I find something that works, I get obsessed really excited. I am completely in love with essential oils and have been amazed by the countless ways our lives have been improved.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural compounds that are extracted from plant sources (stems, seeds, flowers, etc) that support health and wellness in immeasurable ways.

What led me to try essential oils?

Some of the common behavioral/emotional characteristics of Williams syndrome include difficulty focusing and managing stress. Reed was really beginning to struggle at school with distractability and attending. He was also feeling really stressed.  I felt it was important to try some behavioral strategies and natural solutions first before considering other options – and I am so glad that I did.

I reached out to another WS mom – one that I remembered was very knowledgeable about essential oils – and asked for her input. She kindly shared some of her oils to try and within a few weeks, Reed was attending much longer (he went from sitting for 5 minutes to sitting for 30 minutes and having the ability to recall the information!) and his stress was greatly diminished. I was sold and bought a wholesale membership. Since that time, I have been using oils to support our health in many ways – from cleaning and skin care to immune and sleep support to easing aches and tension, I find myself reaching for my oils first before other options more and more frequently.

What oils do I use?

Not all oils are created equal and it is important to find the best products available.

  • Essential oils are not regulated by any agency so many companies (especially those found in health food stores) are advertising their products as “pure” but they are often diluted and contain fillers. I chose a company that works with an independent lab to test each batch of oils multiple times, using 5 different tests to certify their purity. The ONLY thing in my bottles are pure, therapeutic oils.
  • I chose oils that are co-sourced where the plants are grown indigenously. The plants used to source oils are in their most natural form, grown in optimal soil and an optimal environment.
  • The company that I chose has a foundation that supports and helps to build up communities around the world.
  • My essential oil company has an amazing support network that supports me in my oil journey and teaches me to use my oils safely and effectively.

Contact me using the form below to:

  • Learn which essential oils I use.
  • Learn how essential oils can help support your health and wellness or ask specific questions.
  • Learn how to get your own wholesale account and save 25% on your essential oils.
  • Learn how to earn free essential oils.
  • Learn how to join my team and earn income sharing essential oils.


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